The motto of PEAKS depicting evolution and growth of an individual is based on the philosophy of evolving from Individual to Institution to Ideal.

  • A faculty of close to 100 educators have been carefully selected on the basis of their subject expertise and compassion for children.
  • Their competence is constantly enhanced through regular exposure to workshops and seminars on recent teaching technology and pedagogical advancement.
  • The faculty has been formally trained in the preparation of animated lessons in all subjects on the computer.
  • They attended a workshop on "Excellence in Teaching" to enhance their professional capabilities.
S.No. Name Designation Subject Qualifications
1. Ms. Rachna Pandit Principal   M.A., B.Ed.
2. Ms. Rajeshwari Teacher Hindi M.A., B.Ed.
3. Mr. Yashpal Singh Teacher Phy.Education M.A., M.P.Ed.
4. Ms. Sangeeta Goyal Teacher Mathematics M.Com., B.Ed.
5. Ms. Amita Raturi Teacher Hindi, English, Mathematics M.A., B.Ed.
6. Mr. Akshay Alawat Teacher Mathematics B.Tech., B.Ed.
7. Mr. Virendra S. Negi Teacher English M.A., B.Ed.
8. Ms. Mridula Bisht Teacher Hindi, English, Mathematics M.Sc., B.Ed.
9. Ms. Sulekha Bhatt Teacher Hindi M.A., B.Ed.
10. Ms. Anjali Bhatt Teacher Music & Dance B.A. Kathak Prabhakar
11. Ms. Sushmita Uniyal Teacher Science M.Sc., B.Ed.
12. Ms. Bhumika Wadhwa Teacher Social Science M.A.,B.Ed
13. Ms. Salony Chawla Teacher Computer MCA, B.Ed.
14. Mr. Deepankar Rai Teacher Art & Craft M.F.A
15. Ms. Shuchi Sharma Teacher English M.A., Dl. Ed.
16. Ms. Mansi Kala Counselor   M.A.(Sociology)
17. Ms. Sarita Bhatt Nurse   M.A., ANM
18. Mr. Rakesh Mukherjee Transport I/c   Matric
19. Mr. Akal Bahadur Store I/c   IXth Class
20. Ms. Meenakshi Office Exec.   M.Com., MBA
21. Ms. Kusum Rawat Librarian   B.Lib., M.Lib.