From The Principals Desk

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them, said John Updike. It, therefore, is a great pleasure for us to realize our dream of bringing a Delhi Public School to Rishikesh. Delhi Public School is a name synonymous with academic excellence and the competitive edge. Being a DPS student or Dipsite is a privilege, an honour and also a definitive mark of academic distinction. Rishikesh, located in the Himalayan foothills is an ancient seat of learning and in many ways the spiritual capital of the world. Bringing these two, DPS and Rishikesh together and giving the students a platform to explore and find their hidden strengths and abilities was a dream worth pursuing. The task accomplished, we now look forward to welcome the ebullient and bright students of the region who shall enter the portals of the school with hope and leave as accomplished citizens of the world.

I thank all the parents of aspiring students whose faith in us and in the Delhi Public School kept us moving despite tough challenges. It is our solemn promise to the aspiring parents that your daughters and sons will grow up to be conscientious, capable and caring citizens of the country and the world. They will learn to learn, learn to give and learn to care for others. We will ensure that our teachers are not only academically bright but are also role models for our students

I therefore look forward to this journey of the teacher and the taught, the learning and sharing and above all the motto of Delhi Public School, Service before Self guiding the young minds. May God bless this school, this nation.

Rachna Pandit