Transportation and Bus Routes

Transport is a facility extended to the students of the school and is not a matter of right for parents. The school reserves the right to add/alter or withdraw this facility on any of the routes with due notice to the parents. The routes can also be changed in case of repair of the roads etc. without any prior notice to the students/parents. Such changes will remain operative till the time the road is declared open and safe by the authorities. Parents are also requested not to make any comparison with other school routes and stops etc.

1 Once the routes are fixed, it may not be possible to make any changes, unless the school or the authorities feel the necessity of the same on valid reasons.
2 Transport charges are fixed according to the distance to be covered.
3 Parents are requested not to enter into any kind of argument or discussion with bus drivers or conductors. In case of a problem/ complaint, the bus incharge or the Principal should be informed.
4 Students should not carry too many things with them as it makes it difficult to board and get down from the bus.
5 Students should not try to come from the rear of the standing bus because the driver is not in a position to see anyone coming from behind.
6 The driver's attention must not be distracted for any reason by a student.
7 Students should not stand on the seat of the bus or get up before the bus stops at the respective bus stop.
8 Students should obey the teacher and other staff members deputed to travel in the bus.
9 Students must not attempt to shake hands with students of other buses when the bus stops at red lights.
10 Students are not allowed to eat in the bus. Discarding of trash or food either inside or outside the bus is not permitted.
11 Students must never run behind or in front of the school bus to pick up something that has been dropped. They should wait for the bus to move on and then pick it up.
12 Students must get into the bus only from the stops specified to them. They must not request or force the driver to stop the bus at stops other than specified or to increase the number of stops according to their convenience.
13 Students should listen to the announcements made regarding their respective bus numbers and must move in a line in discipline to ensure orderly boarding. They should not rush to board the bus or push while getting on or off the bus.
14 The seating capacity of the bus should be utilised to the full. Bags must not be kept on the seats. No child should reserve seats for friends, rush or quarrel to get the window seat. The window must remain shut. No students should put any part of the body out of window. It could be dangerous.

For the safety and security of the students, each bus is equipped with:

>>  CCTV camera that records the activities inside the bus.
>>  GPS Tracking System.